March 9, 2010

Flying while broken

Passing through airport security with a cast is fairly painless. I put my one ass toning shoe on the belt and walked through the metal detector, and then they had me step into a little room for people who require extra screening.

A female security officer swabbed the cast and my palms, then they tested for explosives. In my city, that was it. In Pittsburgh, they also gave me a very minimal pat down (nothing like the groping I experienced in Canada). I would much rather be swabbed and patted than have to take off the cast, so I was thankful that it was easy.

In both cities, though, they opened my hot pink suitcase because I had packed a box of kosher salt. In my city, they swabbed it for explosives. In Pittsburgh, the officer glanced at the box and sighed "kosher salt," then closed the bag. Like she was tired of finding salt in suitcases.


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