January 30, 2010

Not easy toning

After walking in my "cam walker" fracture boot for a few days, I realized that I had to find a shoe that was exactly the same height for the other foot. The heel on the cast is higher than my running shoes, but shorter than my high-heel boots. So my steps have been uneven for days, and my leg and my hip were starting to get really sore.

Someone actually sells a product for just this purpose, but I couldn't wait for next week's mail. So, I took the bus to a local shopping center, and after searching shoe stores for nearly two hours I finally found a comfortable shoe with a platform heel. Unfortunately, the shoe is a knock off of those ridiculous shoes that are supposed to tone your muscles when you walk in them. They are just the right height and pretty comfortable, so of course I bought them. But now I'm worried that people will think I actually believe the commercials. The cashier said "You'll have to tell me if these work!" and I was like "No no no no I'm just injured..."

And, because I don't want to wear shoes in the evening, I also purchased slippers and created my own Platform Slipper for Fracture Patients, using an old flip flop, scissors, and super glue:
Now I can take off my shoe to relax in a loose fuzzy slipper, but when I get up my feet are still fairly even. Hopefully the new shoes will make it easier to walk, and I won't be so sore in the evenings... it was getting to the point where everything hurt except my fractured foot.


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