November 8, 2011

Okay I confess

I've been cheating on you guys with my old LiveJournal. I'm sorry.

But lately I've been consumed with personal stuff to the point where I don't have much to say about grad school, because I'm not really thinking about grad school at all. It's like how in shows about high school students, class happens in the background while the students are daydreaming, passing notes, worrying about themselves, obsessing about each other, just waiting to get back into the halls where they can talk about what is really on their minds. The past few weeks have been like that. I've kept up with teaching and made some progress on my dissertation, but I have been really distracted.

I do have some good news to report, however. Remember how my ex-landlord was withholding my security deposit? I sent him a formal letter threatening to sue, and it worked! I received the full amount today. Eight hundred dollars!! It's already spent, of course, but this is really going to help me to finish paying my debts from this summer. And from several parking tickets.


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