September 15, 2011

Crime watch

I don't live on the sketchy corner, but I can see it from my window. Last night, there was a shooting. I heard several shots that were so loud, I thought they were right in front of my building.

The police came very quickly, I'll give them that. Then ambulance and fire. They put the victim on a stretcher and lifted him into the ambulance. The police stayed here for hours. I could still see blue flashing lights through my window when I finally went to bed past 3 a.m.

The shooting is most likely retaliation against the Latino gang for another shooting that occurred earlier this week. It's kind of funny/sad: Yesterday evening, a local politician organized a "community walk" to protest gang violence because of the first shooting, and then this happened seven hours later in the same neighborhood.

For some reason I felt more shaken than I usually feel about this stuff. I used to live just a block away, so I knew the neighborhood very well when I moved here, and I know to avoid that particular corner at night. I've heard gunshots before. But it was just weird to actually see it from my window.


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