September 1, 2011

Oh god

I've moved. Three days of ceaseless misery -- loading the truck in the heat, scrubbing my whole apartment just for the slim chance of security deposit, unloading up three flights of stairs in the heat… everything is in boxes. I have no food because I had to throw it all away for the fumigation. I have no money to replace it.

And worst of all, I've had NO INTERNET since Monday. There is some problem with the wiring, and the technician could not get it to work. I'm having horrid withdrawal symptoms, can't function without it… can't leave and go to Starbucks because the technicians come "between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m." so I have to sit at home all day doing nothing.

I mean I could be unpacking, but it's 90 degrees…

The new apartment is great, it's clean and cute and I think I'll be happy there once I'm actually settled.

My cat is having a really hard time, however. The new building is under construction, so there is pounding and drilling all day, and she is already incredibly stressed out from the move. She hides all day. She will come out for me in the evening, but then when I go to bed she meows mournfully -- over and over and over. My poor baby.

Okay, I need to leave this McDonalds and buy food while I still can, since I'm going to be stuck at home all day tomorrow too.


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