August 12, 2011

Scene from a bankrupt bookstore

Today, I was browsing novels at Borders (currently 40% off) when I overheard one employee say to another:

"I still really want to make sales even though, you know... Some people might be like, what's the point? But I still want to make a sale because if you just stop caring... then that's it, you know? I still feel proud that we're ranked number one in region."

It was so sad.

The store was packed with people, and everything was on sale. You could even buy the shelves and the light fixtures. It felt like we were vultures, obviously just there for the bargains.

The DVDs and CDs are still too expensive compared to the online options, because they were so overpriced from the beginning. But the book prices are pretty good now. Even with the discount, though, I still found myself thinking, "I can check this out of the library. I can order a used copy for five bucks."


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