August 25, 2011

Oh memories

Well, since y'all know that I'm moving, I will tell you a little bit about the packing.

I've been purging nearly all of my papers. About 50 pounds of printed readings from college and grad school. Plus old assignments, term papers, exams. I have realized that I will never become organized enough to benefit from saving any of this stuff.

I found a few interesting things:

My journal from when I was 16 years old. It's incredibly... Sapphic. It's almost entirely about my feelings for a female "friend" and the daily drama of mundane interactions with her. Reading it now, the entries just scream, gay gay gay gay gay. The journal is also very religious. Prayers, psalms, lots about God. You can really see how the inevitable conflict was imminent.

I also found a letter received by the college newspaper that I worked on, in which a grad student rants for an entire page that he is disgusted that the paper would print such deplorable filth. Truly a classic.

And, a paper I wrote in college titled, "Hopelessly Screwed: The Unfortunate State of Democracy in America." Looks like I was pretty much right about that.


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