July 19, 2011

Update from the center of the midwest heat wave 2011

Today, the temperature outside isn't even that bad, relatively speaking. The high was around 90. But the sequential days of 90+ heat and humidity have made my top floor apartment unlivable except for the 10 square feet in front of the window AC unit.

That's where I am right now. I moved my couch so that it's right in front of the air conditioner, and I'll be stranded here for the next few days. Tomorrow, the high is 97 degrees. The next day, it's 98.

These temperatures were no big deal when I lived in the south, because I had central air conditioning, and I could drive everywhere. I only had to experience the heat during the brief walk from the front door to my car.

But in a poorly insulated, top floor, city apartment with one lousy window unit, the 90s are misery. And I can't escape without walking outside for blocks, so I'm dripping with sweat by the time I get anywhere.

I wish I were still at my parents' house, where the central air conditioning keeps me comfortable in all temperatures. I wish I made enough money to afford a better apartment here. I wish it were fall.


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