July 5, 2011

Back home

So apparently U2 still exists. And the end of my 867 mile drive just happened to coincide with their concert in the middle of my city.

Driving 867 miles and then sitting in traffic is very demoralizing.

I finished my dissertation chapter on Sunday, then had to immediately pack and get ready to leave. Trip took 18 hours over two days, and I'm a wreck. My whole body hurts. My legs were giving out as I was hauling my crap up the stairs.

Apartment news:

1. The mail. If I can get the sun visor on my Honda Civic to break soon, I can get a new one for free as part of a class action settlement.

2. Neighbors. My neighbors aren't very good at dealing with problems in general. They are especially bad at dealing with the problem of a smoke detector being low on batteries. Last year when I took a trip, they let the smoke detector in the hall beep every 60 seconds for three weeks until I got back and dealt with it. Today, I came home to find the same smoke detector lying face down in front of my door, with the battery removed. O-kay.

3. Food. There is none. Will have to address situation soon, probably tomorrow.


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