June 16, 2011

Dream on

Two days ago, an idea for my data came to me in a dream. It was a fairly complicated idea about how to calculate something, and when I woke up I realized it was actually a good idea. I didn't realize that Sleeping Di Di had access to Awake Di Di's knowledge of quantitative methods. Usually I dream about food.

I've been working on implementing the idea, and unfortunately my little MacBook is having a hard time. It requires an enormous matrix, and my laptop doesn't have enough memory. This is one of those problems that academics won't have in the future. When we're old, we'll be doing this stuff on our phones and bitching to grad students about the olden days.

In other news, I got my TA assignment today, and it's statistics!! I am so, so happy. I have wanted to TA for statistics for years, and I'm so excited that I'm actually looking forward to the fall. It's going to be epic. My students will actually need me, so I won't feel useless. And I will be teaching something I enjoy, instead of trying to fake my way through a class in another subfield. This is seriously the best assignment ever. YAY.


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