May 31, 2011

Road trip

Tomorrow, I am packing up the car, putting the cat in the carrier, and driving 800 miles to the south to visit my family. Unfortunately, I can't take a break from work, because I have so much to do this month -- but it will be amazing to take a break from the city. I love it here, but life in the city can be exhausting. It's hot and humid in my poorly insulated apartment. Getting anywhere means walking several blocks, stressful city driving, or slow public transit. Everything is expensive, and it's always crowded and noisy and dirty.

Life in the rural south is easy and relaxing, especially because my parents have a house with central air conditioning. They also have stairs, which my cat really enjoys. So I'm looking forward to working on my dissertation in a comfortable, peaceful environment.

I just have to survive the 14 hour drive from hell first.


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