April 14, 2011

Stood up (again)

Today, I got stood up for another dissertation interview. I have an e-mail confirming the time and place, so it wasn't my fault -- the staff just forgot, and the person I was supposed to interview wasn't even in the building. I don't get angry when this happens, but it makes me feel sad and defeated. I wasted my whole day preparing and traveling to the meeting.

I walked sadly back to my car, all dressed up in my interview outfit with nobody to interview, when I saw a sign: it said CUPCAKES, in big pink letters. It was a neighborhood cupcake bakery. I sniffled and stepped gratefully into its open arms.

I really hope they reschedule this interview and stick to it. I probably should have expressed how much the error screwed up my day instead of just sadly asking if we could reschedule. I don't want my preparation time won't be wasted, even though I wasted a trip.


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