April 27, 2011

Gas leak

Well, there's a gas leak at the apartment. It was detected two days ago. The gas has been turned on and off in their efforts to fix it, but the pilot lights are out so I haven't been able to use my stove. Also, there has been loud drilling at all hours and sometimes the apartment smells like gas.

They haven't told us to evacuate, so I've just left my windows open. It's cold, windy, and raining, but I'd rather be cold than die from asphyxiation. My cat is enjoying the open windows and the commotion outside. She is fascinated by the workers, the equipment, the yelling -- it has been a very exciting week for her.

You don't realize how much you depend on the stove until you can't use it anymore. Even when I'm not cooking a meal, I use the stove to make tea, to make eggs, to cook a vegetable, to heat some things up. Now, I only have the microwave. It's like college. Of course, this happens when I have raging PMS, and I just want to drink gallons of hot tea and fill my stomach with warm, salty carbohydrates. A gas leak is a great excuse to order takeout, but I also don't feel like moving from my couch.

I don't know what it means when it takes more than two days to fix a gas leak. Maybe they don't know where the leak is coming from? I don't know anything about gas lines. All I know is microwave tea is subpar, and I'm ready for shit to work again. Also I'd really like to close my windows so I don't have to work in three layers plus a blanket.


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