March 9, 2011

A cautionary tale

This afternoon, I was applying my makeup before an interview when I decided that my eyeliner pencil needed to be sharpened. Don't want to show up looking all trashy with thick black lines under my eyes. So I reached for my makeup pencil sharpener... and accidentally sliced off a chunk of my left index finger.

Blood gushed from the open wound. I applied pressure and about six band-aids, and rushed off to my interview. By the time I got home, all six were soaked through. I have it wrapped up pretty well now, but I can't type with the finger. And let me tell you -- you don't realize how often you type with your left index finger until you maim it in a tragic cosmetics accident.

In case you were wondering, after I bandaged the finger, I did (carefully) sharpen the eye pencil and apply classy, thin lines. I'm sure the person I interviewed noticed and appreciated that I made an effort. When he wasn't distracted by the blood.


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