February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

I ventured out with my little shovel today, figuring I should make a dent in the mountain of snow surrounding my car before it became solid ice. Several men offered to help me. I said yes to the first one who didn't act like he wanted sex or money. That's how I met James, a neighbor who has lived here since he was a kid. He told me his memories of the blizzard of 1999 and the blizzard of 1967. We agreed that blizzards were a lot more fun when we were kids.

All over the street, neighbors were helping each other shovel and push their cars. I live on an arterial road, which had a clean path down the center by this evening. But the side streets are a disaster, with snow up to my knees. Only large trucks with big snow tires can get through.

Last night, I saw thundersnow for the first time. It's snow with thunder and lightning. And it was windy all night. I didn't have to go anywhere, though. I was supposed to do field work yesterday and today, but the events were canceled, so I'm just staying at home on my couch. I have a big pot of butternut squash soup, and I made Indian curry chicken. Lots of hot chocolate and tea. I could stay snowed in for days.


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