December 19, 2010

Sober up blogging

My rec soccer season ended today. We had a party with free drinks and pizza. It was sad, but not too sad because we're all signing up for the new season in January. It's an awesome group, and I'm happy that we get to keep playing together and drinking together after the holidays. I wish it hadn't taken me four years to figure out that gay soccer is 100x more fun than regular soccer.

We stayed at the bar for four hours after the game, then I went home to change and went out gay clubbing with one of my soccer friends and a group of his friends. They were nice and it was fun, but one of his lesbian friends indicated to the group that she would like to date me, and then they all spent the night trying to talk me into it. She seemed like a cool person, even a great person, but not my type. And I just wasn't in a place where I wanted to hook up or date or anything. I just wanted to dance and maybe make friends. So it was awkward.

I don't handle being hit on very well. I feel bad, and I always worry that I am giving "mixed signals" or that even my appearance and personality constitute mixed signals. Like maybe when you wear makeup and a cute outfit and go out to clubs and smile, people think you want to be hit on when really you just like dressing up and hanging out? I don't know.

I'm driving to my parents' house for the holidays soon. Maybe on Monday, if tomorrow I can drag my hungover ass out of bed in time to do the three errands I have to accomplish before I can leave.

Okay I think I've consumed as much water as I can hold so it's time for bed.


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