December 31, 2010

Oh crap it's New Years

I should be making some resolutions!

Exercise will not be a problem, since I will be playing gay soccer, gay floor hockey, and university intramural floor hockey. Even if I never go to the gym, that's more than enough exercise, especially considering that it's winter.

That leaves "keep the apartment clean" and "eat less sugar" on the traditional list of shit I never actually do.

"Spend less money" seems like an obvious resolution, considering my summer funding situation. And considering that I just bought Christmas presents for my immediate family and eleven relatives. But I legitimately need most of the things I buy. My biggest discretionary expense is probably cupcakes from the cupcake van, but I consider those purchases essential for my mental health.

"Spend more time on my dissertation" is another obvious goal. But that's sort of an ongoing resolution. For the new year, though, I should also resolve to "Organize and document my dissertation progress" which is far more important than I had realized.

See, over the break, I decided to go through everything I've done so far to map out my progress and goals in various areas... and I realized that I have forgotten what I have done already to various datasets. I can't remember which versions are the "correct" versions. I forget which step I was on when I took a break from quantitative data to start interviewing.

At the time, I was certain that I would remember everything I've done, what the variable names mean, the difference between "data version 3" and "data version 4" -- but I don't. I have managed to piece most of it back together, but I really need to start organizing and documenting.

Which is actually a pretty good resolution, and one I might actually keep since it doesn't involve eating fewer cupcakes.

So it's decided.

In 2011, I will write shit down.


  • I *love* your resolution! This happened to me with my dissertation as well - I finally bought a notebook and every time I worked on the dissertation I jotted down what I did, and what I needed to do next time. It made me less insane for sure

    By Blogger Psycgirl, at 12/31/10, 1:31 PM  

  • I think that your resolution about one's dissertation is an ongoing one until its finished. Don't, don't give up sugary things since we all need something sugary (mine was a large oatmeal raisin cookie every day with a cup of tea - even in the summer) to get through the dissertation writing pain! Good luck!

    By Anonymous Anthea, at 1/1/11, 4:13 PM  

  • Don't worry I never actually eat less sugar. Sometimes I make that half-assed resolution because I have a genetic thing that causes insulin resistance and I'm not supposed to have much sugar... but the "IR friendly diet" is like extreme low carb hell, so I can't do it. I need sugar to survive grad school like you said. :)

    By Blogger Di Di, at 1/2/11, 12:23 PM  

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