December 26, 2010

Kitty's 4th Christmas

My cat loves Christmas morning. She runs around sniffing all of the presents, and then she plays with the wrapping paper as we open gifts. One of her goals in life is to find and consume ribbon, so we hardly use any on the packages... but she still manages to sniff out the one bow and the one piece of ribbon in the room.

My cat always gets presents of her own. This year I bought her a fuzzy stuffed spider full of catnip and new toys to dangle from her perch. She seems to understand that the presents are for her. I call her over and open the presents while she sits on my lap, sniffing and pawing the packages. Then we play with the toys, and she runs around, diving in and out of piles of wrapping paper.

It's like having a little kid who runs around high on Christmas excitement, but unlike an actual kid, my cat is happy with about eight dollars worth of presents.


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