November 12, 2010

More apartment news

The neighbors across the hall have moved out. They lived here for years, a mother and two daughters. The mother was nice, but she had to leave the daughters unsupervised while she worked, and they fought a lot, screaming

"I wish you'd never been born!"
"No, I wish you'd never been born!"

They only had one key between them, and whoever came home first would refuse to open the door. Then the locked out sister would hold down the buzzer and pound on the door, sometimes for an hour.

There was also some drama this week when they came back after moving most of their stuff. The landlord showed up with workers, planning to improve the apartment, and found the family still there. The police were called, and then lawyers, and they fought about whether the landlord could kick them out. Neither side had paperwork, which didn't surprise me. (My lease expired in July.)

But now they are gone for good. I will probably never see them again. I guess it's kind of a relief. I heard all sorts of drama and personal business, but they know embarrassing stuff about me too. They heard me talk to my cat, at length, every day. They know how much television I watch, my incredibly uncool taste in music. They've seen me come back in the morning, still dressed up from the night before. Or coming back from McDonalds at 3 p.m. in my pajamas with smeared makeup and messy hair, running into them on the stairs. Not that any of that happens

very often, but you know how it is. Neighbors know your shit, and it's kind of awkward.

So we'll see who moves in. I hope it's someone quiet who doesn't smoke. Also I hope it's not another drug dealer. Really the best thing would be for the apartment to remain vacant for a long time, so let's hope for that.


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