November 1, 2010

Happy birthday little muffin

Four years ago on this day, my cat was born in a closet in my friend's apartment. I adopted her a couple of months later, during my first year of grad school. She was perfect, everything I wanted when I wanted a cat all those years. She is my baby and my best friend, and I love her so much.

I try to celebrate my cat's birthday in ways that she enjoys. I don't throw her a party because she is afraid of strangers. I don't put a party hat on her because she would hate that. I buy her presents and give her seafood for dinner. I spend time playing with her and petting her, and I sing her favorite song ("O Canada" ). This year I splurged and bought her a perch:
When I brought it home, she climbed all over it, scratching and sniffing, jumping in and out of the top section. I hoped she would settle into the top section and relax for a while, but after exploring the perch she came over and curled up on my stomach. I stroked her and talked to her about her birthday, and she fell asleep. So it was a good celebration, I think.


  • Oh she is so adorable! I love her perch! Cat has one, but it's hit and miss. He'll ignore it for months until I move it somewhere new or contemplate getting rid of it, then he's all over it again!

    By Blogger Psycgirl, at 11/2/10, 8:36 PM  

  • I can't believe your cat's favourite song is O Canada! How did you discover that and when did you learn the words?

    By Blogger Psychgrad, at 11/2/10, 9:11 PM  

  • Psycgirl - I definitely considered that my cat might eventually ignore the perch, and it will be this bulky thing in my apartment... but I have a feeling that even if she loses interest she'll eventually go back to it, like your cat does. I'll have to try moving it around to make it interesting.

    Psychgrad - I'm a huge fan of ice hockey, and I learned the words from watching NHL games. During the Olympics I was singing along with the music during one of the medal ceremonies, and my cat jumped into my lap and started purring. So I started singing it to her from time to time, and she always finds it soothing. I sing it like a lullaby. I'm sure there are probably other songs out there that she would like just as much, but this seems to be her favorite song out of the ones I sing.

    It's not meant as an expression of loyalty - I'm an American citizen and everything (although I'm fond of Canada). It's like I'm singing about appreciating and protecting my cat, even though I don't change any of the words.

    By Blogger Di Di, at 11/2/10, 9:36 PM  

  • re: expression of loyalty. I know -- just wondered how you discovered that about your cat and how you came to learn the anthem. I sing the American anthem sometimes....not as an expression of loyalty either -- just because it's fun to sing in a dramatic way.

    By Blogger Psychgrad, at 11/4/10, 8:41 PM  

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