November 16, 2010

Document dump

Today was a great day for research. Specifically, it was a great day for my research.

I have been trying to obtain certain documents from my informants, but it has been difficult. Some people consider the documents proprietary, and others don't want to spend time finding them and sending them to me.

But today I interviewed an extremely nice person who talked to me for 90 minutes, patiently answering all of my questions. When I asked about documents at the end, like I always do, he turned to his computer and said, "let me see what I can find." He opened the folder marked Thing That Di Di is Studying and said, "I'll just print all of this out for you."

Then, after he printed the contents of the folder, he gave me THREE BINDERS full of documents that were sitting on his shelves.

Best. Interview. Ever. !!


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