November 7, 2010

City Driving Illustrated (cyclist edition)

I have illustrated another one of my city driving peeves in Paint. I call this one "Cyclists Who Wear Dark Clothes and Ride on Dark Streets with One Tiny Reflector."

Here is what it looks like from a car:

I have never hit a cyclist, so obviously I have seen them all in time -- but often it's just barely in time, and it's scary. Most city streets have lights because it's the city, but there are still some roads that are dark, and a tiny little reflector is not enough.

Cars are required to have four bright lights, plus working turn signal lights. If cyclists get to ride on the same roads, and everyone else is responsible for their safety, I think it's only reasonable to require bikes to use lights.

Stay tuned for my next illustration, Would It Kill You To Use Your Motherfucking Turn Signal


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