August 23, 2010

Rule-breaking soccer delinquents

Well, we got kicked off the soccer field again today. All summer we have played pick-up games on the soccer fields at my university. Nobody else uses the fields in the summer, so it's the perfect place for grad students to gather and play the beautiful game.

Or at least it was until the Fitness and Recreation Gestapo decided that we were "trespassing." At our own university. Because nobody is allowed on the field without a university supervisor, and they certainly aren't going to provide a supervisor for grad student pickup games.

Now we regularly get kicked off and threatened. Once they actually said that a police report would be filed, so they are taking it pretty fucking seriously. You would think these people would have other outlets for their aggression, but apparently the rest of their lives are so frustrating and emasculating that they have to get all drunk with power about students playing soccer on a field.

After they left, we jumped back over the fence and resumed the game. I had visions of police swarming the field, leading us away in handcuffs. Soccer fans around the world would raise money for our legal defense fund. A blog would be founded. They would call us "The [My University] Eleven." My parents would be distraught.

But they never check the field after 6 p.m. So we keep playing because we know that we are right. We're on the side of teamwork, and exercise, and interdisciplinary friendship. And summer and sunshine and fun. The university wants to quash our game for no good reason -- except the Rules are the Fucking Rules. Obviously, we can't let them win.


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