August 13, 2010

Heat wave

It has been hot (90s) and humid for days in Large Midwestern City That You Can All Guess But I Don't Type Because of Google. My top floor apartment has been sweltering all week. My small window unit can't keep up. The fans are useless. It's muggy, hot, miserable beyond my control.

Summer wasn't like this in the south. Although temperatures regularly broke into the 100s, my parents had central AC. When I had summer jobs, every place I worked had central AC. And they had central AC at every store, restaurant, and coffee shop that I visited. The only time I was hot was when I walked from a building to my car, which had AC. I was comfortable 95% of the time.

Here in the city, the buildings are old and the insulation is shit. Grad students can't afford the few apartments with central AC, and many businesses don't have it either. Bus and even train stops are outdoors (poor planning for a city with extreme temperatures) so you can't get around without walking in the heat, then waiting 10 minutes in the heat. I'm sweaty by the time I get anywhere.

I have a hard time sleeping. Last night I lay awake for hours, sweaty even though I showered right before bed, trying to relax but I felt so awful... meanwhile, I had to listen to the Drunken Asses (my name for the group of men who drink on the balcony that is a few feet from my bedroom window... after the SNL sketch...) argue about Lady Gaga and whether they would tap that, and many other inane, slurred, very loud discussions. Until at least 3:30 a.m. when I finally fell asleep.

Then when I woke up a couple of hours later, and groggily walked through the kitchen to get some ice water (leaving the lights off) I felt a cold, squishy puddle of cat vomit under my bare foot.

The exertion of cleaning it up just made me sweat even more...

Making it even harder to fall back to sleep... and then I woke up anyway when the garbage truck came to empty the dumpsters. By then it was 90 degrees outside, again.

So I'd like to mark this day as the day I have officially fucking had it with summer. This sucks. I'm done.


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