July 20, 2010

Small victory

You know how some dissertation days aren't very productive. You're working on some data, then you screw something up and can't undo it, so you have to revert to your saved version, only you haven't saved for hours... blah blah.

So you get demoralized and take a "break." You're lying on your couch in your pajamas, watching Leverage and petting the cat, thinking "Ugh, I shouldn't go out tonight... I should stay home and finish this data..."

Then you get an e-mail with crucial information! A piece of the puzzle you've been waiting on for months. Someone finally responded and sent you exactly what you need.

And it feels like a major accomplishment. It feels like today went great!

So you totally deserve to go out drinking on a Tuesday. Hurrah!


  • So how was it?

    By Blogger Mamabeek, at 7/24/10, 5:45 PM  

  • It was delightful -- went out with good friends, to a bar with extremely cheap Tuesday drink specials.

    And the information has been useful, so I've also made dissertation progress despite various setbacks (screwing up, feeling too hot to work... meaning the heat is bad, not that I'm too pretty to work on my dissertation... even though I AM.)

    By Blogger Di Di, at 7/24/10, 8:44 PM  

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