June 23, 2010

This post contains Group C spoilers

So don't read if you recorded the games to watch later!

I am so proud of my fellow Americans for scoring the winning goal after our last two goals were taken away by America-hating referees. I've been enjoying the games, but the bad calls have really been ruining it for me. After our last draw, I spent the rest of the day seething because it should have been a 3-2 victory for the U.S. Then today, I got up early only to spend the entire game feeling outraged and distraught that the refs fucked us AGAIN, and we were about to draw after scoring a legitimate goal, while England somehow ended up with a better record. That's the kind of thing I have a really hard time getting over (in life and in sports). But then in the last moments of overtime, the Americans came through, and it was glorious.

I watched the game on the Spanish-language channel Univision, because it's the only broadcast channel that carried the game in my city. When the U.S. won the game, they had a group in the studio chanting "USA!" and they interviewed groups of euphoric fans in South Africa and in New York City. Watching the crowds of Latino fans going crazy, giving happy interviews in Spanish, and waving American flags, it really makes you despise the people who want racial profiling, English as the national language, and all sorts of other hateful laws designed to make Latinos feel unwelcome. Of course I was against that shit already. But I wish the white, English-only voters in Arizona would watch some Univision.


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