June 17, 2010

Cliquey second years

There is a bit of grad student drama on Facebook right now. The second years had a party and invited almost everyone in the cohort, plus a couple of their friends from other cohorts. Someone posted pictures of the party, and one of the excluded second years posted a comment: "Wow, you invited everyone but me. Thanks a lot."

I remember when this happened in my cohort. First year, everyone hangs out together. Everyone is invited. Then at some point, cliques form. You don't hear from your classmates for a while and you assume everyone is busy with work. Then you see pictures on Facebook and you realize they are hanging out -- you just weren't invited.

After a while you decide you kind of hate them anyway, and it's for the best. You can't depend on your cohort to be your entire social world. But it's rough when it happens. So I empathize with the second years who are going through it now.


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