May 16, 2010


So, having the quarter off is awesome. I can spend more time on my dissertation. I can set my own schedule. I get enough sleep and regular exercise. I don't have to deal with assigned reading, piles of grading, constant e-mails from students, lectures and sections breaking up my day. Teaching a double load in the fall was the best decision ever.

However, the quarter has also been incredibly isolating. I'm just supposed to work on my dissertation for the next year and a half -- that means, mostly, typing on my computer by myself.

I got kicked out of my office because I'm not teaching. The offices are only for active TA's and my former office-mate hates me, so he was quick to take over -- so I can't work at the department anymore. I could work at the library or in a coffee shop, but that's very different from working around my friends who stop by to procrastinate. And working in public places involves lost time (traveling somewhere, dealing with distractions) and lost money (lattes). The best thing is to focus where I don't have any distractions -- it's just really, really lonely.

I'm also really missing my sports -- I used to play sports at least once per week, sometimes twice. I lost a great activity and a whole group of friends when I got injured. Now that I'm not in sports, I don't have any scheduled activities at all. I meet up with friends for drinks every few days, but that's not enough human interaction.

Mostly it's just me... my dissertation... and my cat. Thank god for my cat, because without her I'd truly go insane.


  • What would we do without cats??

    Hope you get some kind of sports back soon.

    By Blogger JaneB, at 5/16/10, 6:57 PM  

  • Are there any other sports or activities you can join? Too much disseratation and isolation are a dangerous combination.

    By Blogger Psychgrad, at 5/22/10, 9:15 AM  

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