May 1, 2010

Driving sucks

After my two-day road trip, I have the following complaints:

1. Douchebag drivers who tailgate and pressure you to pull over when you are stuck behind a mile of congestion. You know, when there are 20 cars in front of you, and there is absolutely nowhere to go. Everyone is stuck behind the same slow cars, wishing they could go faster, but Angry Reckless Douchebag needs you to move over so that he can advance six feet and get stuck behind the exact same traffic. I fucking hate that.

2. How you never know if the "Food" and "Gas" signs mean that food and gas are waiting for you at the bottom of the exit ramp, or if you will have to drive three miles and make several turns. You will probably end up in the wrong lane, then realize it's too late to get over, and then you have to drive an extra mile before you have an opportunity to turn around and start over. States should not allow these signs unless the establishment is seriously right there.

3. Dire warnings about massive construction projects and "long delays," with a strong suggestion to choose an alternate route (without giving you an option) -- then you get there and it's just miles of cones with no work (or miles of cones when the actual construction site is very small). Indiana was the worst -- they beg you to avoid certain highways that are actually fine.

Now that it's over I don't want to drive for a month... unfortunately I still can't find my train pass...


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