April 25, 2010

Hiding out

A friend asked me if I've abandoned my blog, and I realized it has been a long time since I updated. I've been visiting my parents in my home state, and I haven't had much to say because really all I've done for three weeks is 1) read and take notes for my dissertation, and 2) watch hours and hours of playoff hockey.

Now, my return to my city has been delayed because my computer is broken. Here, I can borrow my mom's computer, but if I go back home, I will be unable to work except in public computer labs -- which is what hell is like, I'm sure.

And, it's bad enough to not have Hulu at my fingertips, but if I have to endure days (weeks?) without internet AND without cable, DURING PLAYOFF HOCKEY, I will cry and cry.

So I'm staying here for the time being. I feel like I'm avoiding my real life, hiding out in Hickville where I can depend on my parents for food, shelter, and internet access. But real life hasn't missed me. I'm not teaching or taking classes, and my advisors are the hands off type, so it doesn't seem to matter that I'm not in town.

It's a strange feeling, that I don't have anywhere to be... indefinitely.

Still, I'm ready to go back to the city. As soon as my computer has been fixed, I'm going to drive back... I mean, as long as I can find two days for driving that won't conflict with a Penguins game.


  • How is your foot/leg Didi? Hope it's doing better!

    By Blogger Psycgirl, at 4/27/10, 6:19 PM  

  • Thanks for asking! I'm doing physical therapy every day, and next week I'm going to start a running program to get back to running again... I have to get it used to the impact. So it has been a really slow process, but at least it's moving forward not backward.

    By Blogger Di Di, at 4/29/10, 10:57 PM  

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