March 14, 2010

Vlog update

Admittedly, the vlog experiment has not been working out too well. The main problem is that the built-in microphone on my MacBook sucks, and I have to shout at my computer to get decent sound.

But, since I live in a building where everyone can hear everything, it feels weird to yell monologues in my apartment -- what do the neighbors think? -- and I haven't updated the vlog for five months.

Anyway, I've decided to try to get back into it, so I started with footage of my cast. I've been whining about the cast for two months, but I never actually showed you guys... so I posted a short video of my broken foot.


  • For some reason the idea of you screaming alone in your apartment at your Mac was really hilarious! Hope the new vlog goes well :)

    By Blogger Psycgirl, at 3/16/10, 9:57 PM  

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