March 7, 2010

Sidney Crosby is my alibi

This weekend is our prospective student weekend. This year, there was an especially high risk of grad students ruining everything by saying too much to the prospective students. But whatever happened, nobody can blame me because I was out of town watching Pittsburgh Penguins games with my sister.

I was pretty sick at the beginning of the trip, and very upset about it. On the third day, though, I finally feel okay except for my clogged sinuses. It sucks because this trip could have been a relaxing vacation, but I spent most of it dealing with cold systems and feeling upset that I was sick after we looked forward to this trip for months.

But, it's still great to see my sister and wonderful to see the Penguins. I just wish my body would give me a break -- I feel like I haven't been healthy for a really long time.


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