March 22, 2010

The longest spring break ever

As of 11:30 a.m. this morning, I am done grading for the winter quarter. Since I have the spring quarter off, and I'm on fellowship next year, this means that I am done grading for the next year and a half.

Teaching a double load in the fall was rough, but this free quarter is the best gift I could have given myself. For the first time since my first year, I can put my own work first instead of working as an assistant. It's going to be fucking amazing.

In other news:

- I decided to contest my parking ticket. I'm going to get a letter from my doctor explaining that I was unable to drive my car and hope the judge takes pity on me. Even though the chance of success is small, requesting a hearing means that I can delay payment until at least June.

- My cat caught a mouse last night. I was lying on the couch relaxing, when she walked into the living room with something in her mouth... then she dropped it, and it tried to run away. She chased it and played with it while I chased them both with a shoe box. Finally, I caught the mouse and let it go outside. This is the second mouse she has caught in the past six months, so I am concerned that my building is infested. But, the scent of a cat will probably discourage mice from hanging out in my unit. And she will definitely catch any mouse that gets in -- she loves hunting, and when she hears something in the wall, she stakes out the area for days.

- I'm getting much better at walking without my cast. I've been taking walks every day, doing my foot exercises, and working on my leg strength at the gym. I'm not allowed to run, of course, but I have permission to use the bike and the elliptical. I've missed exercising so much that I'm tempted to work out every day, but I'm sticking to every-other-day since I've found that taking rest days is better for my body. When I do go to the gym, though, I can choose the "good" machines and stay for hours because the undergrads are on their spring break.


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