February 7, 2010

Public transit-pocalypse

Today, my city's transit authority implemented drastic service cuts due to a dispute between the union, management, and local government. (It's a long story but basically, they're out of money, the government won't raise fares or provide funding, and the union won't budge on their contract.) Express bus routes have been eliminated, and the frequency of most bus routes has been reduced.

These service cuts will affect everyone, including those who drive cars, who will be dealing with more congestion. But let's talk about why this sucks for me:

1. I live in the city and commute to a suburb. Even though I'm only 4 miles from campus, crossing the border means that I have to transfer -- so when buses come every 20 minutes, this means I can easily get stuck with 40 minutes of waiting on my commute.

2. I have a broken foot, so I'm not allowed to drive. (It's my right foot.) I'm completely dependent on mass transit right now.

3. Because of my broken foot, and the strain on the other foot, standing is painful. So, waiting is incredibly uncomfortable... I suppose I could just sit down on the pavement, but it's wet and icy.

4. Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So let's all hope they work this shit out (fund the transit authority). It's bad enough having a broken foot in January, with snow and ice everywhere -- making my bus come less frequently is adding insult.


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