February 22, 2010

Five weeks

It has been five weeks since I broke my foot. I go back for x-rays on Friday, but it could be another two weeks so I'm trying to prepare myself for this possibility. I have felt like crap ever since I broke my foot, but I have noticed that lately the exhaustion and strain are getting even worse, maybe because it has been several weeks since I have exercised or even moved around normally. I just want to sleep all the time, and I'm always sore. The foot itself feels like it's getting better, but the rest of my body can't take much more of this.

It's snowing again, a slushy, dirty snow that seeps into my cast and soaks my foot. It's also very difficult to walk in wet snow -- I've slid a few times, and I'm always worried that I'm going to fall. Then strangers say things like "Wow, a cast in February! Haha good luck with that!"


  • Here is a warning that no one gave me before I got my cast off - you expect it to feel sooooo good, but seriously, your foot is likely to really hurt when it does come off. I was unpleasantly surprised.

    By Blogger Psycgirl, at 2/22/10, 7:12 PM  

  • Thanks for the warning - I've had hints of that already since I can take my cast off to shower, and I can tell that the foot is getting very weak. I imagine that when I take the first step with the foot it won't be pleasant... but at the same time I'll be relieved to finally be getting on with the recovery process.

    By Blogger Di Di, at 2/22/10, 7:40 PM  

  • Keeping it all crossed that you'll be done on Friday and not get more time. It feels like there might be a groundhog involved in this somewhere...

    Sorry 'bout that... seriously, I can hear how VERY done you are with all this!

    By Blogger Mamabeek, at 2/23/10, 1:28 AM  

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