January 12, 2010

Camping out

This quarter, I am organizing our department's intramural hockey team. As the team captain, it was my job to register the team at 9 a.m. today.

But, I learned from a friend that since space in the league is limited, undergrads line up early to get the best spots. We almost didn't get to have a soccer team last year because my friend only arrived at 8:30 a.m. So, I got there at 7:30 a.m. only to find about 30 undergrads sleeping in a line. The undergrads spent the night at the gym to get a spot for their intramural teams.

Fortunately, many of the people in front of me were registering for basketball, so I was able to register our team for our preferred time. But there has to be a better way... I was exhausted all day because I got up at 5:30 a.m. for this.

Fortunately, it was a success. We are putting together a good team, and everyone seems eager to play. I used to hate leadership roles like this, and it still makes me very anxious to be in charge of anything. But this year I'm feeling more comfortable with it. There wouldn't be a hockey team if I hadn't started one, so sometimes leadership is necessary to make things happen.

I am also going to play on the department basketball team (someone else registered that team). When we practiced by playing "HORSE," I broke a nail and got hit in the face. So it's probably going to be a disaster... but, the fun kind.

Okay, am exhausted, time for bed!


  • whoa, that is some serious intramural sports dedication. Glad you were able to register your team.

    By Blogger Psych Post Doc, at 1/13/10, 5:45 PM  

  • I'm glad you're dedicating so much time to building FUN into your schedule!!!

    You know, I can 'hear' in your tone, in all your posts, how much more confident you are becoming. Right on!!

    By Blogger Mamabeek, at 1/16/10, 1:39 PM  

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