December 4, 2009


My dissertation proposal defense was today. It went very well -- my advisors asked questions and gave me advice, and the project was approved. The meeting was very friendly and informal, not a test but a discussion meant to help me fine-tune the research design.

I was not nervous about the outcome, since all of my committee members had informally endorsed the project. The hardest part was remembering everything I wrote six months ago. It had been so long since I wrote the proposal, I had to take notes on my own writing because I had forgotten some of it.

The meeting reminded me that I have an awesome committee. The project bridges two very different subfields, and I have one expert in each field on the committee. These professors have different views on what I should do, based on the standards in their own fields. But they got along very well, listening to each other's opinions and deferring to each other's expertise. I won't be in a situation where they fight and I'm stuck in the middle.

Unfortunately, I get to celebrate by grading all night. My double TA load is killing me. And as soon as I finish grading their papers, I have to grade their exam essays.


  • Congratulations on the successful meeting! Sorry about the grading jail. :(

    By Blogger Psych Post Doc, at 12/5/09, 9:49 AM  

  • Ugh... sorry about the grading. But what a great experience at the meeting! Onward and upward!

    By Blogger Mamabeek, at 12/5/09, 9:09 PM  

  • I've never heard the phrase "grading jail" but it applies perfectly.. I get really depressed when I have a lot of grading, and wonder if this is a bad sign. (Although it's partly because I have an absurd amount of it this quarter)

    By Blogger Di Di, at 12/6/09, 11:38 AM  

  • Congrats! I hope you leave grading jail soon.

    By Blogger rented life, at 12/6/09, 1:51 PM  

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