October 4, 2009


- I randomly joined a lesbian flag football team two weeks ago. I was invited, and I was in a cheerful "yes, and--" place and suddenly I'm learning how to play football. We lost our first game, but we won this morning. Last week, I worked on blocking and rushing, but this week I played the "safety" position. This means that I am like Troy Polamalu
but if he were a wussy girl who sucks at football. My indoor soccer league starts next week.

- My first two Friday classes went well, but my 10 a.m. classroom turned out to be double-booked with an engineering class. We wandered around the building until we found an empty meeting room in the basement of the engineering library. I rushed through the syllabus, and then when I asked for questions, one student said, "There's poop on the wall!" He pointed to a brown smear on one of the walls, and everyone started saying "ewwww, gross..." Some classes just don't work out.

- October is always a rough month because temperatures regularly reach the low 40s / high 30s... but my landlord won't turn on the heat until November. So I've spent several days wearing three shirts, curled up in a blanket, still feeling cold. When the apartment is cold, I can't make myself do anything -- I won't wash dishes because then my hands will be wet and cold. I won't cook because then I'd have to wash dishes. So I get takeout for dinner and watch TV under blankets.

- Another thing about fall. My allergies have been horrible. I am allergic to weed and mold, and the counts have been high for weeks. It's like having a cold for a month. It never gets better. It never gets worse. It's just a constant stuffy headache.

I'm almost wishing for winter -- at least my apartment will be warm, and my allergies will be gone. And let's face it, snow sucks but it's not nearly as bad as those cold rainy days when you're soaked and freezing all day.


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