October 5, 2009

Newspapers are fucked

For their latest assignment, my students have to purchase a newspaper every day for seven days. Each day, they have to clip out one article that relates to the topic of the course.

The professor made it very clear that he wants the students to purchase a paper newspaper. He wants them to experience reading a newspaper like their ancestors did in the olden days.

But the students are unhappy. They keep asking if they can print the articles from the internet because it's "sooooo inconvenient" to have to buy a real newspaper for seven days. (Newspapers are sold on campus.) Members of this generation do not understand why they can't just read it online.

I never read paper newspapers either, so I get it. But I'm still making them buy newspapers for seven days. About half of them are in the journalism school, so in a way I'm helping them out by doing my part to sell newspapers.


  • LOL! It's a good experience, but probably an irrelevant one. I confess, I don't think anything electronic will ever replace the big colored comic section in the Sunday paper, but I don't pay for a paper just for that either.

    I hope they get past the trauma... and the blackened fingertips.

    By Blogger Mamabeek, at 10/10/09, 6:56 PM  

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