October 27, 2009

My fake face on a billboard

I mentioned in a previous post that an advertising campaign in my city has been using the stock photo that I use (legally) on my blog header. I've seen a big billboard with the photo, and I have also seen smaller billboards with the model in a slightly different pose. Today my train car stopped right in front of one of the billboards, so I snapped a picture from my cell phone as the doors were closing.
They are advertising a type of car insurance that allows you to pay less if you don't drive much. So, the picture represents someone saving money by taking public transportation.

They don't know that it's secretly advertising my grad school blog!


  • LOL! Nothing better than a free ride... and how apt, seeing as you always take public transportation.

    By Blogger Mamabeek, at 10/27/09, 10:49 PM  

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