October 6, 2009

If anyone is awake and reading my blog

I could use some advice right now. There is a mouse in my apartment. My cat chased it into the radiator where it stayed perfectly still until she got frustrated and wandered away. Then I watched it go back into the closet.

So now there is a mouse in my closet.

My cat has strong hunting instincts and she has killed a mouse before, so I know that she would kill it if she had the chance. But,

1) I don't want her to get germs and/or poison in her mouth.

2) I don't want the mouse to die.

My first priority is to protect my cat. But, the mouse is little. It's gray and fuzzy, and it has a little nose and ears.

I don't know if I should show my cat where it is, so that she attacks it in front of me -- then I could take it away (and kill it, I guess, though I can't bear the thought of killing a mammal myself). That way, I could make sure that she doesn't eat it. Or should spend time trying to set a humane trap, taking the risk that my cat will kill it first, when I'm not watching to make sure she doesn't eat it? This would have to wait until tomorrow when I can purchase a trap.

Last time she killed a mouse, she left it intact on my living room floor. But this all happened while I was out for two hours, so I don't know what she would have done unsupervised all night.

I don't know what to do. I'm afraid for my cat, and sick at the thought of the little mouse dying... and I can't catch it tonight because I have no traps or supplies.


  • I guess if you want to have your cake and eat it (get rid of the mouse and not get the cat involved) you must wait till tomorrow...
    Good luck!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/7/09, 1:00 AM  

  • I'd seal off the closet doors with some duct tape at the bottom while I still knew the mouse was in there. If it chews through and your cat gets it, well, that was always a risk. If not, you have time to buy a trap.

    If you don't have closet doors, you could always use boxes to block it up to a level where your cat can't jump in. Or maybe I'm the only one who hoards boxes?

    --the long-missing Psychobunny, who seems to have forgotten her password :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/7/09, 2:24 AM  

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