September 21, 2009

We lost

My soccer team lost the championship game. All week I felt like we had a real chance, but then today several of our players -- including our captain -- e-mailed to say they couldn't play because of injuries.

So we didn't have the full team, and the game just didn't feel right. Our captain usually plays goalie for at least one half, and our other goalie was unhappy about being stuck in the net for the whole game. He kept running into the offensive zone, leaving the goal wide open, because he was convinced that he could score where our forwards were failing... of course he didn't score, and the defense ended up having to cover the goal. We lost 4-2.

I'm really sad that we lost the championship game, but considering that I had never won a game before this season, finishing in 2nd place isn't bad. And I will always have the memory of winning back-to-back playoff games last week. That night felt amazing.


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