September 14, 2009

Playoff soccer

My soccer team has a playoff game tonight. If we win, we will play a second game one hour later -- and if we win that game, we will play in the finals next week. We are definitely not going to win both games, but we have a chance to win the first game. The top 6 teams made the playoffs, and we are ranked 4th based on our legitimate win, our forfeit win, and our tie. We are playing the team that is ranked 5th.

No matter what happens tonight, our team has done well, and it has been a fun season. Signing up for recreational sports is the best decision I made all summer -- I don't know why I was afraid to do it for so long. I guess I imagined that I would be the worst player on the team, and the others would resent my presence. But I'm not the worst player -- I'm not amazing, but I contribute, and everyone is friendly and supportive. I've already signed up for a new soccer team that starts playing in October.

I'm going to spend most of the day preparing for the game (mentally) -- I'm meeting a friend for brunch and then I'm going to put on my soccer outfit and work on visualizing our glorious victory.


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