August 18, 2009

What. the. fuck.

A stranger grabbed my ass tonight, just out of nowhere. I passed two men on the sidewalk, and one of them reached and grabbed me, squeezed, and then let go.

This happened to me once before, in college. I was walking up to my dorm building when a man came out of nowhere and grabbed my ass. I turned around and started cursing at him. When he tried to force himself into my building with me, I punched him and slammed the door in his face.

Tonight, I just kept walking. Twenty seconds later, I wished I had smacked him or cursed -- but there were two of them, two large men, and I was alone. It was only 7:30 but nobody else was on the street, and my survival instinct just took over. I didn't visibly react until I was a block away.

I'm trusting that most people who commented on my feminist rants have lost interest, but in case a few stragglers are thinking, "That's what you get for going out alone at 7:30" (reckless slut!) -- seriously, fuck you all.


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