August 6, 2009


- I turned in the first draft of my dissertation prospectus to all three of my readers a few weeks ago. Today, one of my readers responded with comments. He was generally positive, but has concerns about one section of the proposal. In fact, he suggests cutting the section all together -- and I wouldn't be sorry to see it go. The problem is that I included that section because one of my other readers told me it was necessary. I hope I don't end up in a situation where they each tell me to do something different.

- My ex has now decided that I owe her money. I never imagined that I would be part of such a long, dysfunctional breakup. What is wrong with me that I got involved with someone who turned out to be insane? I should probably be working on this in therapy. (Don't worry I'm not going to give her money.)

- I have an intramural soccer game tomorrow. This week our color is black shirts, and I have planned an outfit that is completely coordinated: black shirt, pink shorts, black socks, and my pink soccer shoes. The problem is that it might rain, which would be devastating. So let's all hope for sun.


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