August 29, 2009

New Vlog

Against my better judgment, I have started a vlog. Since I don't want videos of my real live self floating around the internet for all to see, the vlog will be invitation-only. I will invite my real-life friends who read this, and a few blog friends who have been commenting for a while.

If you want to follow my vlog, you can e-mail me at and request an invite. If you aren't a regular commenter, try to convince me that you aren't associated with my department in any way. If I don't approve you, it's nothing personal -- just that I need to be extra careful.

So far the videos are short, clumsy, and boring, and I don't see that changing any time soon. I started the vlog because 1) I have always wanted a vlog, and 2) I want to learn how to edit video. If you don't get an invite, or if you get invited and decide not to follow the vlog, you won't be missing anything important. I will still write all of the good stuff here on my regular blog.


  • I'm LOVING it!!! Now I just wish I could hear what you're saying. LOL! Your cat is to die for.

    By Blogger Mamabeek, at 9/1/09, 11:16 PM  

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